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Dental insurance plays a large role in helping people obtain dental treatment. 

We are happy to submit your insurance claims because we want to help you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to. This office will gladly accept insurance company payments directly,  letting you pay the difference. 
The following facts may help you understand about dental insurance :

Fact #1:   Dental insurance was designed to pay a portion of the cost associated with dental care, unlike health insurance which may pay all your cost. 

Fact #2:   Dental insurance company fee schedules are named UCR ( Usual, Customary and Reasonable ) fees.  This is misleading because the UCR is a list of negotiated maximum payments for each covered procedure.  Generally, this list is a near average of fees charged by dentists and when the scheduled payment is less than 100% it places the benefits below average.

Fact #3:   All policies differ in benefits and although premiums & dental costs have risen, maximum benefits allowed per year have not. They are the same as they were 40 years ago.   

Fact #4:    In your dental plan, your employer and the insurance company have
determined what procedures are allowed and what percentage of their maximum fee is paid as a benefit.  Many routine dental procedures are not covered and some procedures are limited to yearly frequencies.

Fact #5:   Network dentists are contracted to provide treatment for a lower fee. Insurance companies use these lower fees to induce patients to choose network dentists.  Lower fees for dental services are a trade-off for quality of service and save the insurance company money.

Fact #6:   Fee-for-service dentistry enables you to choose your dentist.    

    Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions about insurance  and our office. 

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